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Producer Dallas Austin Leaves Dubai Jail

This is the follow-up article.

R&B producer Dallas Austin has been released from a jail in Dubai,
United Arab Emirates, after being pardoned on drug charges.

"He is on the plane and safely out of the country," Austin's Atlanta
lawyer, Joel A. Katz, said in an e-mail to The Atlanta
Journal-Constitution .

Dubai ruler Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum pardoned Austin on
Tuesday, hours after the Grammy-winning producer was sentenced to
four years in prison for possession of cocaine.

A court sentenced Austin, who has produced songs for Madonna and
Janet Jackson, for possessing 1.26 grams of cocaine, his defense team
said. The court had also ruled that Austin should be deported after
serving his prison term.

Austin told the court on Sunday that he made a mistake and did not
mean to break the law in the United Arab Emirates.

Media in Dubai reported that Austin was on his way to supermodel
Naomi Campbell's birthday bash at the glitzy Burj al-Arab Hotel when
he was arrested on May 19 at Dubai's airport. Austin's lawyer
disputed the report, saying the producer was in Dubai to attend

Since his arrest Austin had been held without bail at Dubai's
al-Rashidiya Police Station.

Austin has several hit songs to his credit, including Pink's "Just
Like a Pill" and TLC's "Unpretty." He won a Grammy Award for best R&B
album in 1999 for producing TLC's multiplatinum "Fanmail."


Exactly which countries' law was he planning to uphold? Isn't coke
illegal pretty much everywhere?
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