Adult swim is finally going to air the lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory

To those who don't know of the lost episode here's the history of it. An episode of Dexter's Laboratory  was made during when its creator Gennd Tartakovsky, run the show (later on he moved to doing th Powerpuff Girls, while others ran it) around 1998. During a select few animation and comic book conventions, Genndy would show the lost episode to a small crowd.
The episode, entitled "Dexter's Rude Removal" had Dexter and Dee Dee get hit by the former's latest invention the  Rude Extractor which separated their rude halfs (who were both VERY foul mouthed. A  complete summary of the episode can be found here.
There where two versions were shown of this episode. One totally unedited with all profanities kept and one edited with bleeps). Obviously due to the content, Cartoon Network never ran the episode.  It was considered lost to the ages and long considered a myth.
That was until this past October 2012, when Genndy revealed during a eddit interview hat it does exist, he still had an unedited copy of the episode, and show it at a convention down the road.  a year later Adult swim addressed on twitter that they have the unedited copy of the episode and will post the link on Tuesday for everyone to see.
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