20 Favorite LGBT Television Couples

With society’s increasing acceptance of LGBT members we are beginning to see more and more lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters in our media. Here House of Geekery brings you our favorite LGBTQ couples on television; ones that we believe offer viewers a glimpse at healthy, realistic LGBT relationships. 


1. Spencer and Ashley- South of Nowhere
Spencer and Ashley had a sweet yet tumultuous relationship that survived Spencer’s coming out, a school shooting, and Ashley’s sudden fame. Their relationship was completely realistic and relatable and both characters grew together.
2. Kurt and Blaine – Glee
Kurt and Blaine is the shining beacon of light on Glee.  Glee does a lot of things wrong, but one thing they did right was creating a realistic and healthy gay relationship with two teen boys.
3. Emily and Naomi – Skins UK
Skins UK has always showcased some great gay teen characters, but it was the relationship between Emily and Naomi that really added a lot of humanity to the show.  Their relationship was sweet…and to watch them progress and learn as a couple was beautiful
4. Carmen and Shane- The L Word
If you spoke to any fan of The L Word, chances are they’d say they wished Carmen and Shane had worked out. The relationship felt real and passionate and when Shane left Carmen at the alter you could hear the fans’ hearts breaking.

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