Blind Items

1.) The casting couch works more than one way. This B- list television and movie actor is about to move up to B+ list or higher in the next few weeks with something that is going to be huge. His big breaks have come because even though he is straight, he is perfectly willing to sleep with another guy if it will advance his career. His biggest roles have come when he has had sex with the male producers casting for the roles.

2.) This A+ list movie actor is having an affair. Not a big deal, but we are talking Mr. Squeaky Clean here. We are talking kids. Married for a long time. Academy award winner/nominee. Parked his car at the hotel where he was meeting his mistress. Then the valet got into an accident with the actor's car. Not probably a big deal except the actor had told his wife that he was going to be doing looping all day and didn't have time to do anything with her and the kids. Now everyone knows he was at the hotel. His explanation has not convinced the wife.

3.) One too many visits to gay nightclubs has finally caused the C list movie actress of this A list all movie actor to finally give him the boot. He kept saying it was a place where he would not be mobbed by fans. Has he looked at himself in the mirror? She has just finally realized that she will come a distant second to guys.

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