Kat Graham's "Wanna Say" Music Video Premiere!

Kat Graham is caught up in the moment again.

You know, the moment where a gal looks her hottest, busts out her glitziest threads and just starts dancing!

That's exactly what the Vampire Diaries star and her pals do in the brand-new video for "Wanna Say," the second single off of Graham's debut EP, Against the Wall—and you can watch it right here!

In the 3-minute, 20-second production, we detect artistic influences ranging from Michael and Janet Jackson to Jennifer Lopez and Bob Fosse. Seriously, Graham works the most magic with a chair that we've seen since the Republican National Convention.

And speaking of Against the Wall, that's right where Graham has her leading man during the parts of "Wanna Say" when she isn't working up a sweat with her fellow dancers. Which isn't often.

Excuse us, we've got a routine to learn.


I'm liking this track.