This is what Warner Channel's mexican Gossip Girl looks like, gives major secondhand embarrassment.

The good news is that this is as awful as you thought it would be. 

Translation for those who do not understand:

-Gossip Girl has been downgraded from owning her own blog to being a Twitter nobody.
-Sofía (Serena) comes back from Lord knows where in her BMW.
-Liliana (Lily) gives Marcelo (Rufus) shit for being a painter? and because their kids are dating.
-Max (Chuck) blackmails Sofía (Serena) saying that he filmed when she and Nico (Nathan) hooked up. Faps ocasionally to video.
-Nico (Nathan) broke up with Bárbara (Blair) and his father curses.
-Apparently, they decided they needed a blonde Jenny so she either went blonde or they changed the actress.
-Somehow, they make the original cast look like good actors.