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Reasons Selena Gomez is having plenty of fun without Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez was all over the Golden Globes party circuit last Sunday -- at CAA's bash, at The Weinstein co. after party, at the InStyle event. And if you'd been the one to score an invite, nothing would have kept YOU from having the best-est time anyone could imagineer. Just think of the stars! The free Moet! The shrimp buffets, probably! There's a reason why the Golden Globes are known as the show where someone is most likely to get locked in a ladies room. (Hi, Christine Lahti!) And that reason is fun.

Enough fun that you wouldn't need to drag Justin Bieber along for entertainment, I don't care how many copies of Believe you bought. And please note, for the bajillionth time, that Bieber and Gomez are "over." Gomez was even overheard talking about the split during one Golden Globes party. (Us Weekly was the eavesdropper in question; they heard her whispering "it was awful," while talking about her and Bieber's last reported break-up in Mexico.)

But all that awfulness is behind her now, like so many episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place. And as such, let us count the ways in which Gomez is doing just fine without Bieber.

1. All of her lady-friends were there!

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Sarah Hyland (and her hives) were glued to Gomez all night, it seems. Either Disney is launching a new girl group, or friendship is alive and well.

2. Josh Hutcherson was there!

And since Gomez and the Hunger Games star were seen dancing together throughout the night -- and since Celebuzz caught them leaving the Beverly Hilton Hotel "arm-in-arm" -- Hollywood Life reported that the duo totally hooked up...until Gossip Cop declared the story "completely false." True or not, consider it a wacky tale these two kids can LOLz about on the Twitters next time they have a project to pimp. File under fun.

3. Hmmm, Barbara Palvin was hanging around the Golden Globes scene, as well.

But it was totally cool! At least according to Hollywood Life. Gomez and Palvin were both at the InStyle after-party. They talked, they posed for photos, they posed for duckface photos. Maybe we can finally forget all the gossip about how the Victoria's Secret model is the Anti-Jelena. If so, fun!

4. This video from a Golden Globes red carpet.

If we can put aside U.S. liquor laws for a moment (Gomez is 20) -- and really, maybe she's just tuckered out from all the fun-times -- you know what's really fun? A starlet who's game for mumbling riddles about Jennifer Lawrence on camera for the greater good. That greater good being a viral video we can all enjoy. Thanks! The girl's going to make it, after all.

plus more reasons at thesource
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