Iggy Azalea and Michael B. Jordan break up

After splitting from Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky sometime around February of last year, Australian rapper and T.I's protege' Iggy Azalea has reportedly called it quits with her actor boyfriend Michael B. Jordan earlier this month, after they were rumored to be dating last Summer.

The ex-couple tried to keep their relationship under-wraps but was constantly spotted out together and hanging around L.A.

Here's what the rapstress had to say about the break up via Twitter:

"....Love someone who understands that the dream comes first. Love someone that loves the fact that you have goals."
I tried to date a guy but I only saw him once in 9months because I kept cancelling in favor of work....sorry guy!
At first he said he understood, but I suspect he secretly thinks I'm a big jerk now."

Also listen to her brand new song "Boss Lady" which was released back in December below: