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Brenda Chapman was not invited to the Golden Globes

If you didn’t watch Sunday evening’s Golden Globes telecast with Twitter open for a simultaneous comments feed, then you really only enjoyed half of the show.

Those ignoring Twitter also missed reactions by people who almost actually won something at the Globes - and by that, I mean Brenda Chapman. Animation enthusiasts might know that Chapman was the original director of Disney/Pixar’s Brave, which took home the Golden Globe for Best Animated Film on Sunday. Mark Andrews, who was brought in to replace Chapman, accepted the award and thanked Chapman from the stage. Chapman, who was at home watching the show on her couch, took comments from followers and revealed – a little cynically – that she wasn’t even invited to attend the ceremony. “I would have loved to have been allowed to attend,” Chapman Tweeted, in various formats, to fans who asked why she wasn’t at the show. “But the Golden Globe win was lovely in spite of that.”

It brings up an interesting point about how much of Brave is Chapman’s, how much is Pixar’s, and how much do organizations like the Hollywood Foreign Press Association owe it to the talent to make sure they are in the room to possibly accept a prize? This is a miserable situation – a changing of the guard in mid-stream on a movie that opened months ago. And it could foreshadow another problem, as Brave has been nominated or an Oscar, and Chapman isn’t hiding the fact that she’d like to attend the Academy Awards. We’ll see if she’s in the audience on Oscar night.


I tweeted in rage last Sunday night after she was not there to pick up the award Brave won and she was lovely and replied with thanks to everyone who @ her but I am nhft. I think it's even worse that she was invited but not to accept it if she won I mean wtfffff!
That being said, she was nominated on the Academy Awards list, so idt they would deny her but maybe I'm just wishful thinking

If you don't know what happened with Brenda Chapman and Brave:
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