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New York Times Bestseller fo' sho'

50 Cent Shares His 'Formula' For Chiseled Body In New Book
Fif talks to MTV News about his new book, 'Formula 50,' which lays out a six-week workout plan.
By Rob Markman

While 50 Cent has always prided himself on his music, his efforts have extended far outside the studio and into Hollywood, the fashion world and the gym. Who could forget the chiseled frame Fif showed off in his breakout 2003 video for "In da Club"? Now, the G-Unit juggernaut is offering tips on how to achieve a fit physique in his new book "Formula 50."

"For me, it's being able to offer what I paid for with having nutritionists and personal trainers travel with me and keep me in shape at different points," 50 told MTV News of his new book just moments before he began to sign copies at a New York Barnes & Noble.

The book lays out a six-week workout and nutrition plan, but 50 warns that the book only lays out the guidelines. It can't do the workout for you. "It's a shift in lifestyle. If they don't actually make the adjustments to sustain it, if they just do it temporarily then they should expect to go back to the actual physical state they're when they start," he said.

50 admitted that his weight has fluctuated throughout his career, like when he forced himself to lose 54 pounds to play Deon, an ailing cancer patient in his 2011 film "All Things Fall Apart." The rapper admits that even when he derails from his workout track he experiences ill results. "I start looking like security, so you gotta work your way back down," he joked. "You see some artists that put on weight and they look like the Hulk instead of the guy that came to actually perform the song."

Fif remembers adopting the regimen that he outlines shortly after the release of his 2005 LP The Massacre because the rigorous demands of life on the road began to weigh heavy. "I travel so much, I was in different territories, sometimes foreign countries you're not comfortable with their cuisine so you stick to what you know; fast food," he explained. "It's just some of the things that I've picked up that are really effective and that I know are proven fact of being the actual right way of doing things."


Do you remember where you were the first time you heard In Da Club?
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