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Evening Of Awesome: John Green At Carnegie Hall

Last night, YA author John Green held a sell-out event called "The Evening of Awesome" at New York City's Carnegie Hall.

It was, well, AWESOME.

The event was held in honor of the one-year anniversary of Green's bestselling book The Fault in Our Stars (included in our Best Books of 2012.) The night was filled with singing (partly from musical guests The Mountain Goats), dancing, music, reading, a Q+A portion, and acting. Green hosted the event with his brother, Hank Green - together they present a hugely popular YouTube series of video blogs under the name The Vlogbrothers, as well as the annual fundraising event Project for Awesome and the Crash Course series of entertaining short films teaching their audience about science, history and literature.

The event sold out at lightening speed (yes, an author sold out Carnegie Hall). For those not fortunate enough to snag a ticket, the event was also livestreamed on the web, and bookstores around the country hosted special watching parties.

The fans (known as Nerdfighters) were lined up around the block to get in (even though the seats were assigned). We have never seen so many people get so excited about seeing an author. When Green took the stage, they screamed louder than a roomful of Beliebers.

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SOURCE + Interview with John Green


The “Beautiful Disaster” movie is slowly but surely making its way to the big screen!

Jamie McGuire’s New York Times Bestselling Beautiful Disaster is slowly but surely making it’s way to the big screen! The book tells the story of Abby, a girl trying to escape her past by adopting a prim and proper look and lifestyle in college, whose plans are derailed when she begins falling for Travis Maddox. Maddox is a tattooed, motorcycle riding, bare knuckle fighting bad boy, with some issues of his own(OP NOTE: He's abusive, controlling, and one of the worst love interests ever romanticized in fiction). He’s not only the talk of the university for his exploits with the ladies on campus, but also the cousin of Abby’s best friend America’s boyfriend (got all that?), which puts Abby right in his crosshairs. What happens next is an addictive love story that had readers everywhere flipping pages as quickly as they could to find out the fate of these beautifully flawed characters.

Many are calling Beautiful Disaster the next Fifty Shades of Grey, partially because of the troubled romance aspect and partly because of the book’s evolution from self publishing to bestseller, but in my opinion the similarities end there. Where Fifty Shades of Grey is all “inner goddess” and where will “it” happen next, most of the excitement in Beautiful Disaster comes from the romance and build up to the steam; perhaps that’s why both Warner Bros and CBS Films were originally trying to get their hands on the rights to Beautiful Disaster, which will undoubtedly be easier to adapt into feature film than Fifty Shades.

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