Ninna Faye (fauxparadiso) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Ninna Faye

Tia Eats Tamera's Placenta & Likes It!

Tia and Tamera are close. Really, really, really close.

So close that the two identical sisters are becoming experts at tasting one another's bodily fluids! On the season finale of their Style network show Tia & Tamera, Tamera made her sister Tia eat her placenta.

It almost didn't happen when Tia saw a bit of residue in it, but after she mixed it with a little bit of brandy, it actually went down smoothly! Ew.

Tia wrote about the ordeal, saying that even though she enjoyed tasting her sister's placenta, she still thinks her breast milk tastes better:

Tasting Tamera's encapsulated placenta was very interesting! If you think about it too much, you're not going to like it, because all you're going to think about is that you're consuming placenta. But I was really, really surprised that it tasted pretty good mixed with a little bit of alcohol. It was definitely Tamera paying me back for making her taste my breast milk. I tasted my own breast milk and I still think my breast milk was sweeter than Tamera's placenta!

What do you think about Tia eating her sister's placenta? Click here if you're brave enough to watch the video!

Tags: black celebrities, pregnancy, television

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