Elementary: Jonny Lee Miller talks the Super Bowl, introducing Moriarty and MORE.

Elementary, which is a modern take on Sherlock Holmes in New York City, is not only one of the most popular new dramas on network television, but it will also have the coveted spot following the Super Bowl The freshman drama follows the eccentric, mischievous detective (played b Jonny Lee Miller) and his sober companion, Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), as they come up against some formidable foes while using unorthodox methods to help the NYPD solve cases.

During the CBS portion of the TCA Press Tour, show star Jonny Lee Miller talked about how exciting it is to have so many people tuning in to the show, what a total surprise it was for the first-year series to get the spot after the Super Bowl, how he prefers to stay in the moment with his character instead of knowing what’s to come, how fun it is to play the darker side of Sherlock Holmes, how supportive fellow Sherlock Holmes acto Benedict Cumberbatc has been, what he thinks of the evolution of the Holmes-Watson relationship, and that he’s looking forward to the cat-and-mouse game between Holmes and Moriarity, now that the appearance of that character is getting closer to happening.  Hit the jump for the interview.

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