Lena Dunham 'Girls' is White Girl Feminism At Its Worst

Lena Dunham won big at the Golden Globe Awards last night for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, and Best TV Comedy or Musical. In her acceptance speech she said, “This is for any women that’s felt like there wasn’t a space for her.”

Which women? The white millennial female who lives in New York? Dunham says she finally has a space for herself in creating the show but what about the other two-thirds of Brooklyn? The issues with HBO's Girls have been discussed at length. 

Behind Girls is the idea that as millennials, we can be lost. We are trying to find ourselves, we stumble ever onward in the hope that we will get something, anything, right. This is a translatable experience for most twenty-something year-old women, and most twenty-somethings period. But what happens to women who do not see themselves expressed in the show, or see themselves as the same played out stereotypes? And should that matter?

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