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Kirstie Alley celebrates 62nd birthday and 100pounds weight loss!!

As Kirstie Alley celebrated her 62nd birthday on January 12, she invited ET's Rob Marciano to her Wichita, Kansas home for a home-cooked meal -- Kirstie-style!

The Golden Globe winner has maintained her 100-pound weight loss thanks in part to her organic diet, which Rob found out is tastier than it sounds.

"My interest isn't being skinny-minnie and wearing a size two," Kirstie confessed over a plate of organic beef tacos with couscous. "I think I look good and I'm lean and strong."

They washed down their meal (prepared in a massive kitchen that was once a craftsman house) with one of Kirstie's Organic Liaison drinks, which the actress says gives essential nutrients to the body.

Tune in to ET tomorrow night as we're first on the set of Kirstie's new pilot where she shares the screen with former Cheers co-star Rhea Perlman! Check your local listings.

watch video at souce
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