Patti Stanger talks plastic surgery

The face of Patti Stanger has really changed over the years. The Millionaire Matchmaker, 51, has shared a picture of herself as a fresh-faced college graduate with fans on Bravo's website.

Patti has gone under the knife a few times and has had her eyelids done, Botox injections and a breast reduction. She also appears to have veneers. The outspoken TV dating expert isn't shy admitting it either and even went into detail about fixing her droopy eyelids - a condition called ptosis: 'I wanted a facelift. He [her doctor] wouldn’t give it to me,' she told host Andy Cohen.

She also stated that she gets Botox too, but that it's because of the cluster headaches she's prone to (lol). Patti had more advice for those seeking cosmetic surgery, maintaining that the surgeons 'lie' about the recovery time required so 'you better double it.'