Robin Leigh (girlwonderrobin) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Robin Leigh

Blind Items!

1.)  This A+ list mostly movies now Academy Award winner/nominee actor has always been known for his sense of humor and willingness to do anything if it sounds fun. At least he has always claimed it. This Academy Award winner/nominee B- list actress decided to put him to the test. While making a movie together she challenged him on the very first day with a list of 20 things and bet him $25K as to who could finish the list first.

The catch was that each item on the list had to be witnessed by someone who needed to sign off. there were childish things like stealing everything from the craft service table and taking it to your trailer, but there were also things like stand naked outside your trailer for 30 seconds in the daylight. Apparently they both did that and had some people watching too who were the witnesses. Another of the items was to have phone sex while on the set, loud enough for people to actually stare. They both did that too. Surprisingly, one of the items that was hardest for him to accomplish was finding five people to make out with. Apparently despite the best efforts of the very good looking actor, it took him almost the entire shoot to find five women willing to make out with him. The actress had no such problems and found five takers in a matter of minutes and had them lined up and signing off on her list. The one thing our actress did not do was have sex with the actor who tried and tried. She did end up having sex with another of her co-stars but she said it was purely a stress reliever and told him not to bother calling her, or thinking it was going to happen again.

2.)  This foreign born B list all movie actress and Academy Award nominee/winner almost died last year over her refusal to eat food. She gives a million reasons why it happened, but the truth is she was only eating once or twice a week and not much when she did finally break down and eat. She says she is much better now, but she has such body and image issues that no one believes her. Her last boyfriend broke up with her because she was constantly passing out from starvation and would not listen to him.

3.)  This couple should file for divorce but no one really knows why they have not. He cheats. She cheats, although a little more discreetly because of who she is cheating with. They play this public game of happy marriage and family and try and sell it like they are running for political office or something. They are just a celebrity couple. B list for sure with almost A list name recognition. They don't share the same bedroom and rarely share the same house. They alternate custody  of the kid(s). She started seeing a very powerful studio head who appreciates the way she performs certain activities in the bedroom. The husband cheats every chance he gets and loves being gone out of town because they both are trying so hard to not get caught and to have the world believe they are still together. They are not really trying to sell something that needs them to be together. It could be for the kid(s). Maybe. It is not like they have a book about fidelity or relationship advice about to hit the shelves. They could be holding out for a reality show. They both have experience with that.

4.)  This A+ list all movie actor has been freaked out for a year that a one time fling will land him in jail. When his girlfriend found out about it, she dumped him. It seems our actor did his usual hit on everyone that comes in front of him on a recent movie and ended up having sex with a co-star in the movie. It was not until a day or two later when he saw her getting tutored on set that he realized that she had a few years to go before she turned 18. Meanwhile, the actress, who is a C lister told the actor she was perfectly willing to continue where they left off.

5.)  This B- list television and movie actress is basically cut off from her friends at least as far as texting goes. Her very controlling A list movie actor significant other says that the only time she can text is outside the home. So, inside it is e-mail or phone calls, although those are limited too.

Edited to fix spacing issues, sorry!

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