Rape Could Happen to Me in India: Freida Pinto

In an Interview to CNN's Erin Burnett,Freida Pinto talks about Growing Number of Rape Cases in India

Last week when asked about this Incident Top Chef host Padma lakshmi said that ,"I was saddened and I was sickened. I literally felt nauseous. I'm from India and while it (the attack) didn't surprise me, it disgusted me... And it reminded me, it brought back to me all of those feelings of when I was walking in Delhi. "

"I used to ride the bus in India to school and I hated it. I hated going on a crowded bus because they would always pinch you or grab you and, you know, when you're a teenager... I went to school (for) some years in India and it was terrible...

"There is no actual word for rape. The closest word [in Hindi, India's predominant language] is I guess lootna, which kind of means to take someone's honour away. But to say that because a woman has been violated she no longer has her chastity or her honour is missing the point. Therein lies the problem."

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