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Continuum Premiere on Syfy: What Did You Think?

Syfy debuted a new series Monday night (Jan. 14). It's a Canadian import called "Continuum" and it chronicles a futuristic cop (called "Protector" in 2077) who is transported back to 2012 from the dystopian future -- along with a band of terrorists from an organization called Liber8.

Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is the cop from 2077. When she arrives in modern-day (our modern day) Vancouver, she befriends a young technie named Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen), who sets out to help her track the Liber8 terrorists before they can alter the past.

The crux comes in that the Liber8 "terrorists" are so-called freedom fighters against the corporate control once the governments collapse in the dystopian future. They plan to work in the past to try to keep the corporations from taking over in the future, while Kiera is more concerned with getting back to the future and her family.

Did you check out "Continuum"? What did you think?


the beginning (in the future) was intriguing then when the got to the present it fizzled out. the lead actress was unimpressive seeing as she just had one facial expression on the whole time. i'll give it a couple more eps
Tags: sci-fi, television - syfy

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