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Anthony Mackie on playing The Falcon in CAP 2 in different interviews during the Gangster Squad Prom

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Amid promotional efforts for Gangster Squad, Anthony Mackie recently chatted with Black Film about taking wing his The Falcon in Marvel's anticipated sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While the actor has discussed the script and costume in past interviews, Mackie now explains what attracted him to the role while also delving into the character's comic book history.

“Every time I go see the comic book movie and I have a 3 year-old son and he’s always telling me he wants to be Spider-Man or Captain America. It’s unfair for little black kids not to have a superhero to look up to. When I got the call about the Falcon that was a no brainer. I feel that this is for a whole generation who has the opportunity to know a superhero like we did. We grew up with Spawn and Meteor Man. Every kid had a pot or can and thought they were Meteor Man, so I’m excited for a bunch of kids to say that I’m the Falcon.”

“The Falcon was a short-lived comic book series. If you look at the time in which they introduced the Falcon and what they were trying to do with him, it was an interesting cool character that wasn’t executed well at all. That’s why when the comic book died, they re-introduced him as a Robin to Captain America’s Batman, just to re-spark the life of the character. It’s one of those things where if you are not a real comic book fan and it was short-lived, you wouldn’t know who he was; whereas Black Panther had a long run with an individual comic book.”


Anthony Mackie is out promoting Gangster Squad, and finally someone has asked him questions about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. While not going into too much detail Mackie told MTV he has read the scrip, as well as seen what his costume will look like. He also went on to praise the Russo brothers.

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Important parts:

On If He Has Seen What Falcon Will Look Like:
"I have, it's pretty awesome. I look like a bad mother-what. It's pretty cool."

On If He Has Read The Script:
"I have read a script, and it's really good. It's fun. The Russo brothers have been really good about keeping me informed of their visions and ideas for what they want the movie to be," he added. "It seems like it's going to work on all accords, so I'm just excited about it."

On Working For Marvel:
"They're very specific about how they utilize talent from movie to movie. They have a long ranging scope on what they want the Marvel franchise to be. They're real smart about it. Nothing happens by happenstance with them."


Following a screening of his recent crime film, Gangster Squad, Anthony Mackie attended a Q&A with Ain't It Cool News, where he offered more thoughts about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Confirming that filming will kickoff on April 1st, Mackie plays coy about whether The Falcon's well-bonded pet falcon, Redwing, will appear on-screen, among other things.

While he's apparently never been the first choice for a role throughout his career, Mackie said, after being reminded about the Marvel sequel, “Okay, I was the first choice for that. I forgot about that. But that was another one of those things where they are like… Actually wait, was I? I was! You got me, that was it. But I can’t talk about it. I’m in it.” The interviewer then straightforwardly asked if The Falcon's pet falcon, Redwing, who the superhero shared a mental and emotional connection with in the comics, will appear in the movie. Intentionally avoiding the question, Mackie asserts, “I will have wings. I will be able to fly. I will be a superhero and fight people, namely The Winter Soldier. (laughing) Man, I told you I can’t talk,” he joked, after being asked the same question once more. “This is the first job I got asked to do first, and you’re trying to get me fired first. I have no idea what you’re talking about. This is what I learned about franchises. They can always cast somebody else and say, “Well that last person died,” or just not address it. You see the second movie, and the guy is a different guy than the first, and they're like, ‘Yep, same dude to me.’ “I am very happy to be here (in his Eddie Murphy/Coming To America voice).”

About The Winter Soldier's duo directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Mackie was then inquired about NBC's Community, which the Russo brothers executive produced and directed episodes of, and whether the series played a part of him wanting to join the Marvel venture. “A little bit,” he admitted. “The thing about Community is it’s not a natural sitcom. It works really well and it’s very character driven. So when I saw the show, because I have a friend on the show, I’ve seen it a few times, I was surprised that they picked the two of them to direct it. But then after the success of the The Avengers, I understood why. Avengers did really well, because it was serious at times and funny at times, and it was just a lighthearted, feel-good, buy-some-popcorn movie, and they are really talented guys and they are really open to the idea of bringing a new spin to the Captain America franchise, so I look forward to seeing what they do with it once I read it.”

Speaking on his relationship with the Captain America star, Chris Evans, who he just wrapped filming with on A Many Splintered Thing, Mackie says, “Chris and I have been in a lot of dark places together, and the thing I love about Chris, we met over some "apple juice" and it was like one of those experiences where there’s a dude you meet and you’re like “Man, you’re a cool dude.” Then a whole bottle of "apple juice" later you’re like “Man, we're friends.” Just a dark, dark place.”

“It was funny; a lot of the research I found was online. My older brother was a huge comic book buff. So when the news came out online, he called me and just gave me the whole rundown. Luckily, I have a lot of friends who weren’t cool growing up, but who are really cool now, so they read a lot of comic books. So I would just call and ask them, and they would send me all of this stuff online, and I got to read a bunch of the old comic books. It’s fortunate, because it’s a take off the comic book, it’s not the exactly storyline of the comic book.”

Sauce 1 + 2 + 3

Sooo ready for set photos tbh.
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