Melissa (tigtogiba34) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Watch out Toronto!

No Way, Jose! Canseco Running For Mayor Of Toronto, And He’s Not Even Canadian
By Amber Goodhand


Former MLB bad boy Jose Canseco plans to run for mayor of Toronto — despite the fact that he’s not a Canadian citizen — is reporting. The one-time Toronto Blue Jays slugger announced his intentions to run via Twitter on Friday and has already coined the tag #yeswecanseco in an effort to take current mayor Rob Ford‘s seat. “The hug store is open! I am trading hugs for displaying YesWeCanseco signs to get the word out on mayor run. Just tweet me pic,” Jose tweeted last week.

While most locals aren’t taking his bid seriously, it looks like Jose, 48, is — and is even looking into Canadian citizenship.

Among his ideas to immigrate are:
-“My top secret get political asylum. I was born in Cuba and there is no law against dual U.S. Canada asylum. I am a refugee,” he suggested.
-“Convert to eskimo and join a tribe. They are called 1st Nation and are original Canadians although most are in Edmonton.”

What do you think Canada, is Jose your guy? He thinks so. “I will not burn out I will not fade away I am immortal and will always stay here with you,” he tweeted. “I complete you.”

Tags: politics, sports / athletes - baseball

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