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Bad week for B: Britney Spears' beloved dog falls ill

Poor Britney. If the collapse of her relationship wasn't enough, Britney Spears' puppy has been in and out of hospital. The singer feared her dog was critically ill this week, rushing it to the vet for the third time in less than two months.

The purebred teacup Yorkshire Terrier named Hannah has been struggling to breath and has developed numerous health concerns, it is reported.

'(Britney) found Hannah listless, eyes half shut, not responding to voices, not eating, and having trouble breathing,' the source told Radar Online. After an additional visit to the veterinarian the dog seemed to be doing alright but then on January 3, the dog was taken back to the vet for a battery of tests, including liver function, and had to be closely monitored after she was found to have 'an erratic temperature and fluid in the lungs'.

'Her condition remains unstable and if it were not for Britney’s money and ability to pay the vet bills, Hannah would be dead by now,' the source also told Radar Online.

There are fears the tiny Yorkie's breeding may be to blame. According to Radar Online the Til The World Ends paid $1,800 for the dog at the Barkworks store in Thousand Oaks, California and the chain store has recently come under intense criticism for allegedly obtaining dogs from puppy mills and for false advertising, according to The Animal Legal Defense Fund which has a class action suit against the company. [source]
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