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IT'S A BUFFY MEGA POST!!! Behind the Scenes, Emma wants on The Walking Dead, and a funny Buffy/Twlig

One of the saddest things about Joss Whedon's seminal series Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the lack of behind-the-scenes stuff from the show. While most DVD collections are teeming with extras, Buffy has always been left wanting. Until now, that is.

Enter stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt, who recently unearthed a whole mess of never-before-seen stuff from the show's many fight sequences. While this may not mean catching a lot of cutesy banter among the cast, it does offer a really unique insight into the anatomy of a fight sequence. After all, how do you make a tiny blond girl seem stronger than a horde of hulking demons?

A few CHOSEN videos are behind the cut...see what I did there?Collapse )

I promise no bunnies will jump at you!Collapse )

Legal stuff and a funny videoCollapse )

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Tags: buffyverse / whedonverse, celebrity social media, legal / lawsuit, television - amc, television set / candids, the walking dead / ftwd (amc)

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