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This is a Curtis, Simon and Alisha Misfits Post

We're going to start off with the underrated and unappreciated Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. Along with being in the upcoming film The Comedian, Nathan is also in a new Channel 4 show called Utopia, so here's two trailers for that:

Here are your first official looks (via 2 trailers) at Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits) in the upcoming new C4 6-part, 6-hour series titled Utopia, which he stars in alongside Paul Higgins, Alexandra Roach and Neil Maskell.

Directed by Marc Munden, from a script written by Dennis Kelly, Utopia's synopsis reads:

The Utopia Experiments is a legendary graphic novel shrouded in mystery. But when Ian, Becky, Grant and Wilson Wilson, a small group of previously unconnected people find themselves in possession of an original manuscript of the fabled book, their lives suddenly and brutally implode. Targeted swiftly and relentlessly by a murderous organisation known as The Network this terrified group are left with only one option if they want to survive: they have to run. When help appears to come in the form of the mysterious Jessica Hyde, who promises to keep them safe, what choice is there but to believe her? As their world goes dark and all they previously knew is wrenched from them, the four strangers must shed their past and come together in order to survive this violent new future.

Regarding Nathan's role... he's playing the first character mentioned in the synopsis - Ian, who is described as...

... an IT consultant... who met the rest of the group on a forum. It's not something he would normally do, go on the forum, and he doesn't really know much about the manuscript. He's quite naïve about the whole thing, and is the newbie of the group, in a sense. He questions everything, and follows the others like a little lamb.

Secondly, Utopia is set to debut on January 15 at 10pm on Channel 4, in the UK. As for whether it'll travel, no word on that yet. I guess there has to be some demand for it. But given that Nathan' last series, Misfits, has quite a following here in the USA, I won't be surprised if it's picked up by somebody. Maybe even Hulu.

Finally, in a profile with C4, the script for the show is described as amazing, shocking, with high stakes and a regular threat of violence, and, of course, some humor to balance things out.

Audiences will be engaged with the series via multiple platforms, encouraging debate around some of the drama's biggest themes.

Mr. Iwan Rheon will of course be on Game of Thrones this season and will also begin to film an ITV sitcom (yes, sitcom) with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi called Vicious (if you are in London, you can attend a taping), along with being in two films and filming a third. But recently he performed a gig in his hometown of Cardiff, so here's video:

The lovely and beautiful Antonia has been keeping quiet for the most part as she films the musical Sunshine on Leith, there have been some random photos of her on set and up and about so let's enjoy her pretty:

New twitter pic:

With Freya Mavor:

Filming Northern Soul (she is in the white dress):

And an oldie but a goodie, the original Misfits cast during a boot camp before filming series two:

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