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Celebs failing at Twitter seems to be a trend

Should you really tweet that?
Oh, Twitter. When you first launched, people didn’t know what to do with you. “What’s the point of Twitter?” was the common question amongst early adapters. Still, people stuck with it and it’s now become one of the most accessible and versatile social media tools out there. Businesses use it to communicate to their audiences, friends use it to communicate with friends and stalk celebrities, and celebrities use it to&hellip


Embarrass themselves horribly with things they should probably keep tucked away in their piles of money - to be honest.

We’re talking about those “I can’t believe he/she would tweet that” moments. We’re talking about those times when you can’t decide if you should still be a fan of a celeb because of how stupid he/she now looks. We’re talking about those unforgivable Twitter blunders.

Um, Azealia, really?

Rapper Azealia Banks rose to some semblance of fame through the underground scene and was able to land a major record deal in 2012. With an army of loyal fans following her on social media, this rapper’s support system branches far beyond that of any up-and-comer. She’s really done well for herself, but amidst all that, her complete lack of empathy threatened to outdo her. This past week, she tweeted a homophobic slur and the failed miserably at trying to explain herself. An again. An again. And the tried to defer the situation. An again.


We’re surprised at her nonchalance because Azealia herself has identified as bisexual. In Azealia’s defense, she has used the word d-ke and the n-word in her songs, but people are upset when she uses the f-word? Be offended by all of it, or none of it. 
However, it isn’t only about the slur she used, but her complete inability and insensitivity towards the people derogatory terms offend. Whether it’s the f-word, or the n-word, or whatever other word, the truth of the matter is there are people of any denomination or ethnicized group that will find it offensive. Saying people should “get over it” is immature and tactless. Media training and some common sense is probably in order here.

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Guys what are the worst celeb tweets (excluding Chris Brown because rly) you've seen??

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