30 Rock Visits Jimmy Fallon and Octavia Spencer Guests on Last Night's Episode


The Cast with Jimmy Fallon

For the first time since the wrap party, the entire cast of 30 Rock assembled on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. What started with Tracy Morgan's perfectly adapted cover of... wait for it, Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday," developed into a sweet dishfest on the mistakes averted, the tricky scripts, and the tears, oh, the tears. Apparently, the whole crew had taken turns crying at each cast member's final shot on the finale set scheduled to air Jan. 31.[Spoiler (click to open)]"In my last shot... it was me with no lines, running on a treadmill for five seconds," Tina Fey said in her nuanced spoiler. "I was like crying on the treadmill."Tracy Morgan recalled having to put a stop on Lorne Michaels who had originally intended to name his character Boo Boo Jordan; Alec Baldwin remembers meeting X-rated-Tina at the gym; and Jane Krakowski commented on the lightning-crack-speed of the script through the seasons. They made such a cute, delightful bunch, thank God for syndication. Enjoy their camaraderie in the video ahead. (video won't embed  )

Tina Fey Cries on a Treadmill

The cast of "30 Rock" dropped by to talk about the end of their series later this month with Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night." The cast said that they all cried basically for a solid month during final filming. Tina Fey said that everyone would gather to watch each performer's final scene. Hers, though, was a little strange.

"And my last shot wasn’t a big scene," Fey said. "It was literally me with no lines running on a treadmill for five seconds, but there was like 100 people watching."

Jane Krakowski said she'd never seen so many people on the set. And everyone was crying, including Fey on that treadmill.

"It was the weirdest shot possible," Fey said of her final moment on the show. Somehow "weird" seems wholly appropriate, considering how brilliantly "30 Rock" celebrated "weird" for seven seasons.

Octavia Spencer Guests on Last Night's 30 Rock.

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer proved to be a real handful on the latest episode of "30 Rock." Tracy brought her on to play the lead in his Harriet Tubman biopic, but Spencer proved a real handful. She was as outrageous as Tracy -- and even had a female version of his entourage with Mizz and Dot Gov.

What Tracy realized was that he had to handle Octavia the same way Liz has handled him for the past seven years, so he borrowed her hair and did his best impression. All that did, though, was inspire Octavia to new levels of lunacy.

But the entire experienced helped Liz realize something important. She wanted a baby, but was afraid to take on an older one. She thought she might not be able to handle a child with an already-developed personality. After hearing Tracy talk about how she'd been managing him -- and isn't he a lot like a toddler in the way his brain works -- she realized she was more than capable of taking a child who's six or seven-years old.

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