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GOT Season 3 Casting Updates

We have some Game of Thrones casting news today that answers a few longstanding questions.

Our sources tell us that Tom Brooke, first reported to be cast last August, will be playing the role of Lothar Frey. Brooke is a regular in British film and television, appearing in Pirate Radio, Restless, Mrs. Biggs, Thorne: Scaredy Cat, and the Henry V episode of The Hollow Crown. Lothar, nicknamed “Lame Lothar” because of his twisted leg, plays a key role in Robb and Catelyn’s story in A Storm of Swords.

We have also learned from a source that Torchwood star Burn Gorman will portray a member of the Night’s Watch as originally speculated. The character name is still unknown at this time. Given his filming last fall with certain actors, it’s likely he’ll be part of the group traveling with Samwell and Lord Commander Mormont.

And finally, we have confirmed via her CV that actress Stephanie Blacker will be playing the role of “Violet.” This creates more questions, as the only character named Violet in the book is an older woman in Catelyn’s memories of her childhood at Riverrun. Is this Violet connected to Riverrun or did the show simply borrow the name for an entirely different character? Blacker is credited for an episode directed by Michelle MacLaren, who directs episodes 7 and 8.

Ours is the Fury: It’s great to see House Frey filling out, with Brooke on board. What do you think of this “Violet” business?


HBO has added a new Game of Thrones video, entitled “Season 3 Invitation to the Set”, to their On Demand schedule. It is set to hit HBO On Demand on January 21st. That means that it should air on HBO itself the night before, January 20th. Its runtime is listed at 2 minutes and given the name of the video will likely include the usual behind-the-scenes stuff, but probably not any finished footage.

We’ll have to wait for the first real trailer to debut to see any footage from season three. So far, there has been no official word of a trailer release.

Winter Is Coming: Despite this video debuting a week from Sunday, I am still expecting a trailer to air this Sunday, prior to the Girls premiere. Reason being, they’ve always aired a trailer in January and this is their only big premiere night between now and March 31st.

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