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Not 1....Not 2.....7 More Slave-Themed Films For You To Look Forward To This Year, 2013!!!

With just about every post on this site announcing the production of a movie centered around stories of slavery in the United States, the inevitable question asked by readers, comes in the form of something like: what's the deal with all these slave-themed movies?

Indeed... what's the deal?

To summarize a recent post in which I gave one potential answer to that quesiton - Hollywood seems to be in a *celebratory* mood, if we can call it that, honoring the 150 year anniversary of the Civil War, and those 4 years that would eventually lead to making slavery illegal in this country - USA. Although I should note that not every project is set in slavery-era USA.

For the longer explanation, feel free to read that post HERE.

Otherwise, let's move on.

If you're already exhausted by what we can call "slave movie fever," with films like Case départ, Django and Lincoln especially behind us (although conversation about those films continues - especially the last 2), you should know that there are several more on the way, scheduled to be released throughout 2013; and I thought I'd take a look at some of them (those that we're currently aware of anyway), and hopefully get your prepped and ready for the wave that's to come.

Without further ado, let me just dive right in. As previously noted, not every project is set in slavery-era USA, and there are a few that aren't Hollywood productions - some are indies; others are *foreign*.

Here we go:

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Tags: actor / actress, benedict cumberbatch, black celebrities, brad pitt, film - drama, hailee steinfeld, matthew goode, olivia wilde, race / racism

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