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Celebrity Big Brother: Who is up for eviction?


Yowza, what a night – Paula's big exit, Speidi's twisty twist and to top it all off like a big fat cherry on the cake, it was face to face noms. How about that to shake up your usual mid-week slump?

Enough of the small talk though – as you may have noticed from the above picture, Ryan and Sam will be facing the public vote this week. You heard it here first.

Tune in tomorrow to find out the reasons behind the tough decisions, but we can reveal that the housemates voted like this...

RYAN voted for SAM and RYLAN

RAZOR voted for LACEY and SAM

TRICIA voted for SAM and RAZOR

SAM voted for CLAIRE and GILLIAN

LACEY voted for RAZOR and RYAN

RYLAN voted for SAM and RYAN

CLAIRE voted for SAM and RYAN

GILLIAN voted for SAM and RYAN

FRANKIE voted for RYAN and RAZOR

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