Elementary: 'M' Sneak peek! OMG ++ SPOILERS

From EW:

I Elementary oing to introduce Moriarty this week? You can tell me. We’ll keep it just between us. — Lauren
I’ll say this, his presence will be felt. Additionally, after Sherlock walks down a decidedly dark path in pursuit of his foe, Watson will tell a lie that will greatly affect them both.

From TV Guide Mega Buzz:

I Vinnie Jones laying Moriarty o Elementary — Jimm
hey'd like you to think so, right? M. is certainly infatuated with Sherlock, but when things get personal, Sherlock may make a drastic decision that could create a permanent divide between him and Watson. Suffice it to say, Holmes fans won't want to miss Thursday's episode — and those same people may want to loo here or clues.

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