One Million Moms goes after Jillian Michaels

A new press release from One Million Moms demands ACTION against Jillian Michaels...not because she's gay, though. Of course that's not the reason. Right?

"NBC's 'Biggest Loser' is back with a twist. This season includes three children from thirteen to sixteen-years-old ambassadors that are competing. Viewers welcomed this addition to the show, but the excitement is extinguished almost immediately once the vulgarity and obscenities from trainer, Jillian Michaels, ignite and continue through the entire show.

This week's episode has many parents pretty fired up! NBC has the audacity to say that the show is perfectly suitable for family viewing. However, while trainers need to motivate and can be tough, Jillian needs to tone it down. Way down.

jealous bc they can't follow her workout planCollapse )