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Marc Jacobs Is Getting Ready to Launch a Beauty Line With Sephora

At th Spring 2013 Miu Miu show, Marc Jacob sat giddily in the front row wearing a pair of Prada rubberized brogues. With every look that came down the runway, the American designer offered up a little squeal or smile, his awe as genuine as a fashion week newbie’s.

So it’s no surprise that at last night’ WWD EO Summit,Jacobs eclare Mrs. Prada is all-time favorite designer, dead or alive. “What she’s created with her husband is really incredible,” he said. “I’m just a big fan.”

That wasn’t all Jacobs revealed during his chat wit WWDexecutive editor Bridget Foley. The designer went on about his current contract negotiations with LVMH (without saying too much, of course). “I’m not really sure…I know that we’re discussing [renegotiations],” he said vaguely when Foley pressed.

He was more frank about his upcomin beauty line with Sephora. Though we first learned of the project in April of last year, news of the new line has been hard to come by since. However, it looks like the project has progressed nicely (if under-the-radar). It even has a launch date: Marc Jacobs cosmetics are set to hi Sephora helves in the fall of 2013. Get ready.

Speaking of the new beauty line, Jacobs said, “I always wonder, ‘Is there really going to be something else [other than fashion] that we’re going to do that I’m going to sit through and enjoy?’” This time around, the answer was yes. “I get jaded, then I get excited all over again.”

Jacobs also talked tabloids (“I guess I’m old news,” he said of the rags laying off) and naked men, thanks to an inquisitive Martha Stewart (who was in the audience fielding questions from her Twitter followers). “They want to know who your favorite porn star is!” she said, probably not realizing that Jacobs has indeed dated at least one. His answer? An ex-porn star. Named Eddy.

But last night’s real takeaway came from the most humble of humble moments. “I’m happy to be here. I love my life. I can’t believe I work in New York and Paris, and that I work for Louis Vuitton. Or Marc Jacobs,” he said. “I can’t believe there’s a company with my name on it. I can’t believe that when the receptionists answer, they say, ‘Marc Jacobs.’”


Any excuse is good for a beauty post imo!
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