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Soap News Update: GH Revisits Port Charles Vampires + Lucy & Kevin Reunite (John Lindstrom Returns)

From the moment John McBain (Michael Easton) first crossed paths with Samantha McCall Morgan (Kelly Monaco) the pair got the sense that they had known each other before; perhaps in another life? Starting January 14, General Hospital will begin exploring an arc questioning whether FBI agent-turned-cop McBain and P.I. McCall are really their Port Charles' alter egos — vampire rocker Caleb Morley and his bitch goddess beloved Livvie!

TV Guide's Michael Logan has the scoop on what happens when former vampire slayer Lucy Coe first spies John:

She completely freaks and screams, "Caleb!" says head writer Ron Carlivati. "Later Kelly's character, Sam, comes out of the ladies room and Lucy think it's Livvie." Lucy goes into full slayer mode and stabs John. He's rushed to the hospital. She ends up in the slammer.

Oh, this is gonna be fun! Hey, and on a side note, Caleb Morley isn't a character licensed by Prospect Park...

The wait is over, Lucy (Lynn Herring) and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) fans! ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting Lindstrom is bringing Lucy's love doctor back to General Hospital! Headwriter Ron Carlivati said:

The last we knew, it was implied at Lila's memorial that Lucy had reconciled with Kevin, and that they were together. And we did see a picture of him on her desk at CoeCoe Cosmetics. So the big question is, where is he and why hasn't she mentioned him? Lucy gets herself into a pretty major jam during February sweeps and, when that happens, she receives a surprise visitor. That is Kevin. When he arrives, you'll find out why you haven't seen him yet, why she hasn't mentioned him and what is the status of their relationship.

Daytime Confidential

Also for those who (unlike me) give more than 1/2 a frack: Days Of Our Lives has been renewed through 2014
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