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Nicki Minaj Wows TV Critics at 2013 TCAS

Nicki Minaj is tired of singing judges who are "overtly passive." So she's ready to get tough with contestants this month for the 12th season of "American Idol."

"I don't really have a problem saying 'no,' because we're looking for the best of the best," the eccentric rapper-singer told reporters Tuesday morning at the TV press tour in Pasadena.

Check out a few tweets from TV Critics that attened the American Idol TCA Session.

@BastardMachine: Nicki Minaj just proved - seriously - that she's going to be the best judge since Simon. Way better than Britney, etc. There's hope here.

@realityblurred: No joke: @NickiMinaj is sounding like the smartest reality TV music competition judge ever. She gets it. #Idol

@AnnaJKlassen: Nicki Minaj is whispering secrets to Keith Urban and Mariah Carey, who are now giggling like school children. #TCA13 @AmericanIdol
In spite of the onstage antics, must say that when she has the chance, NickiMinaj is giving us very thoughtful responses. #tca13 #fox #Idol

@tbrick2: I am actually really liking Nicki and Keith's answers, both seem to understand that this is a job. #Idol #TCA13

‏@KateAurthur: Nicki Minaj is full of logic and wisdom, seriously.

@thesurfreport: Nicki Minaj was the most interesting person in this #Idol session. Hands down. I may watch more #Idol this season because of her.

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