Some more Teen Wolf Season 3 Teasers!

Awwww, look! Baby's first teeth! Well... werewolf teeth, anyway. Earlier today, the "Teen Wolf" Tumblr page posted this gem of newcomer, Charlie Carver, getting comfortable with a look we have a feeling we'll be seeing quiiiiite a lot next season.

Charlie, who'll be playing one of the new Alpha twins, is looking mighty ferocious in the above pic. Perhaps he took advantage of the real, live wolf that was on set the other day, and got some lessons on how to bare your teeth for optimum intimidation. Either way, we wouldn't want to meet him in a dark Beacon Hills alley. We'll leave that job to Tyler Posey.

Do not try to golf in the Beacon Hills City Park. Don’t even think about it.

Tyler and Dylan in between takes, being amazing.

The art department has many treasures. At the moment, we can only show you this one.

Source: 1 and 2/3/4

...The twin Alphas... And there's still no sign of Gage/Erica.