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Lara Pulver Talks Sherlock Series 3

Lara Pulver Gives Sherlock S3 Update

Lara Pulver, who made waves playing Irene Adler back in Season 2 of the BBC’s Sherlock, opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, spoke about the highly-anticipated, but delayed, Season 3 this morning at the TCA Press Tour.

While promoting her new David S. Goyer/Starz series Da Vinci’s Demons, Pulver was asked about returning to Sherlock as Irene Adler.

As for future appearances of Irene Adler, she’s not dead,” Pulver smiled. “[Sherlock] did save her at the end of the episode, however I have no idea, as yet, if she’ll appear in Season 3. I believe we’re due to start shooting Season 3 any day now, but both of the boys are big movies stars with stuff to promote, so getting everyone in one room and on schedule, I think, is a little tricky right now.”

“However, it’s a show that we’re all extremely passionate about
,” Pulver continued. “It’s a gift of a role. And it’s funny, because you can do 10 episodes of a big BBC or HBO show and you never know what’s going to pop. And for me, [it was] that 90-minute episode of Sherlock. I think it was a culmination of it being extremely well written, beautifully shot by Paul McGuigan and it already had the momentum of the first season. And it was just a gift of a role that I thoroughly enjoyed and had a lot of fun playing. Therefore, would I go back? In a heartbeat. For sure.

Sherlock Season/Series 3 will likely premiere in late 2013 for the U.K and in 2014 for the U.S.

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