Dina Lohan: 'Lindsay Saw Her Dad Abuse Me, That’s Why She’s So Screwed Up'

The war between Lindsay Lohan's parents Michael and Dina just got taken up up a notch. Or ten.

“I need to make the world aware that Lindsay is messed up because her father is messed up," Dina told the NY Daily News Monday in an explosive new interview.

Dina said her daughter Lindsay's ongoing problems stem from incidents in which she witnessed her father beat her mother in 1986 -- and rape her four years later -- going into graphic detail about both incidents.

“Lindsay saw her dad abuse me -- that’s why she’s so screwed up,” Dina told the paper, who reported that she brought police and medical reports, as well as a photograph illustrating her injuries from the 1986 attack. “She saw a lot of crazy stuff. I want the world to know the root of her problems.

“Lindsay saw all the beatings and all the abuse. She said, ‘Stay, mommy, don’t leave’ … she said, ‘I’m so sorry for making you stay.’ But I didn’t stay for Lindsay -- I wanted all my kids to be happy."

Dina, 50, told the paper that the attack -- one of many she says she endured during their 22-year marriage -- occurred after they dined in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Michael had spent the night getting drunk and high off cocaine, Dina claims, eventually leading him to punch her in the face with a closed fist.

Dina backed up her claim to the paper, with a photo of she brandishing a bruise under her right eye, holding an infant Lindsay. (A hospital record shows Dina sought medical attention December 4, 1986 for facial “blunt trauma.")

Dina said that “when Lindsay saw the photo, she was furious. She said, ‘Tell the world! Talk about it!'"

Michael denied the story to the paper, admitting while he did strike his ex, the circumstances were completely different.

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