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GIRLS, the show that gave us Lena Dunham's naked body, inspires bra line with Aerie.

American Eagle's lingerie line, Aerie, has asked the costume designer for HBO's Girls to create a line of underwear for the brand. Now you too can wear the underwear of Marnie, Hannah, Jessa, or Shoshanna.

The director of marketing at Aerie told WWD that she's brought on Girls' costume designer Jenn Rogien because "she really understands what girls want and need."

Girls has been praised for its realistic take on the lives of young women struggling to succeed in New York, including navigating awkward dates, career blunders, sexual frustrations, body image, and of course, friendships. There are also inevitable comparisons to that other show about four female friends living in New York, but Girls is decidedly more honest.

For instance, creator Lena Dunham has been both praised and criticized for appearing nearly nude on the show sporting tattered undies—so it's interesting that American Eagle sees her character's fashion choices as something to be desired.

Rogien herself admitted that Hannah's fashion sense is related to the overall messiness of her life, telling The New York Times in a recent article that "'sometimes we tailor the clothes to fit her even worse."

Perhaps the powers that be at Aerie are more interested in the style of Hannah's cohorts, like her best friend Marnie, the ultimate professional who appears put together no matter what, Shoshanna, an uptight girly girl, or Jessa, the bohemian sexpot who is both romantic and impulsive.

Rogien told The New York Times that her costume design for the show has helped her "to tell the stories of real girls," and presumably that's what Aerie is after in their line of lingerie.

Rogien, who won the 2012 Style Award for TV Costume Designer of the Year, is expected to be fairly hands-on in her new six-month gig at Aerie and will "participate in fit sessions with the Aerie line, videos, and in-store appearances," according to fashion website Refinery 29. It's good timing, given that most of her responsibilities for Girls are already over, as the second season will premiere on January 13.

So there you have it, ladies. Whether you're looking for the right bra and panty set to wear under your skirt suit or if you're headed to the grungy apartment of a pseudo boyfriend and you need something that says, "I care, but not that much," the Girls lingerie line will have it all.


Tween Aerie customers ≠ Girls viewers. This makes almost no sense... unless maybe you're a tween in Brooklyn
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