Someone Must Be a Hardcore Martin Freeman Stan To Do This

You've seen the fantastic The Hobbit/The Office mash-up, right?

A rather brilliant person has taken chunks of dialogue, and a few other bits, from The Office and spliced it into The Hobbit. It’s very good.

When you see it, it’s obvious. The title character from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is played by Martin Freeman, who made his name in Ricky Gervais’ masterful The Office. That inspired Eagerbeaverfilms to put the two together to make one really good video.

As well as Freeman repeating his dialogue as Tim from the sitcom we also have Gervais appear as David Brent/Gandalf and even Keith turns up as Bombur.

But easily the best bit is the Gareth/Gollum character, which is exceptional.

Make sure you stay around for the credits too, which are Airplane-esque in their funniness.