Dakota Fanning Tried Meeting G-Dragon and Failed.

Hollywood star Dakota Fanning called G-Dragon, from the Kpop group Big Bang, directly (update that it was actually her agent) and she said she wants to meet him.

According to G-Dragon's close acquaintance, Dakota Fanning will visit Korea on January 5th and will stay in Korea. She wants to meet him during her stays. She is G-Dragon's big fan and she wants to have dinner with him.

G-Dragon's close acquaintance said "Dakota Fanning and G-Dragon will meet at YG building. There's no minutely schedule yet, but these two star's meeting will be a big issue."

Unfortunately for Dakota shortly after this spread on twitter came this from YG
YG Entertainment said that GD is also a fan of Dakota Fanning, but because of conflicting schedule they are going to meet next time. 

Update #2 from Dakota's side:
However, a contradicting statement was released by Dakota’s representatives, who stated, “Dakota Fanning never called G-Dragon, and they never promised to meet in Korea. There’s no truth to the rumors.” As well as, “Dakota’s side never called G-Dragon’s side. It is not true that they were in contact to meet up,” emphasizing that the reports were completely false.

source: bigbangupdates via naver
updates: soompi_bigbang@twitter, soompi
translations by GD_Rona@twitter

LOL she tried. Also, those are terrible pictures of the two of them.