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Capcom releases new CG trailer for DmC: Devil May Cry

Capcom has released a new trailer for the upcoming reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, DmC: Devil May Cry. While the trailer doesn't show any gameplay, it gives us a glimpse of the general atmosphere the game will have, along with hints about the story.

The world of DmC is apparently run by demons masquerading as humans. Vergil is attempting to rebel against these demons, and the strongest weapon he has against them is his own brother—Dante.

Dante and Vergil are the sons of the demon Sparda and angel Eva. According to Vergil, the sons of angels and demons, called Nephelims, are the only ones who can kill the demon king. The trailer also shows some gameplay, including some new weapons, both being scythes, as well as some new enemies.

The PC version of DmC: Devil May Cry is set to come out on January 25, 2013—a full ten days after the release of the console versions. Along with this, Capcom has also announced the hardware requirements to run the game.

The PC version is set to have all the bells and whistles you'd expect, including compatibility with both keyboard+mouse configurations and support for direct input-based controllers. It will also be capable of running at 60 frames per second and beyond, depending on your hardware. The game will be released through Steam, which will let you use SteamCloud to save progress, along with Steam's other features like achievements, friend support and leaderboards.
DmC will see a January 2013 release

A curious mix of Orwellian and Lovecraftian elements

Capcom had released a demo for DmC: Devil May Cry on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live back in November. The demo of the game contains two missions – a regular level and a boss fight. The demo showcased some of the game's difficulty modes, with the Son of Sparda difficulty setting made available after you comple the demo once. The demo is a surprisingly small 1.3GB download and was originally only available to Gold subscribers on Xbox Live. It was later released for Silver members.

Ninja Theory's reboot of the franchise has led to the main protagonist Dante looking a lot different than he used to in the previous games. He is usually seen with long white hair and carries a sword, named Rebellion, that’s about as big as he is, but in the reboot, developer Ninja Theory has given him more of a teenage look with short black hair. An interesting thing to note is Dante’s new weapon, a sword that is extendible and flexible, like a whip. The level design takes advantage of this and has platforming segments that require Dante to pull platforms to him or swing to other platforms by using his sword.

DmC: Devil May Cry will be released for the consoles on January 15, 2013. In the mean time, check out our preview of the game here.


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