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Birthday's This Week

"She was born on July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia and is the daughter of Pat and Ronnie Elliott. She had her Birthday Party at Spirits Nightclub at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where she turned 35." - Missy Elliott Online

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Old picture from 17th Birthday

"On July 2, Lindsay Morgan Lohan will turn the big 20, leaving behind her teenage years and entering a new era of her life.
Lohan has had quite an eventful year so far. She started the year off in the hospital due to an asthma attack and since then has spent nearly every day in the glare of the camera. However, Lohan has had some great movies released and is even hopeful for an Oscar nomination! Lohan has trudged through the hard times and smiled through the easy times.
The rest of the year is expected to be very promising! Lohan has filmed several serious dramas which are sure to bring her serious acting talent to the" - LohanOnline

July 3rd: Tom Cruise (44)
July 4th: Louis Armstrong would have been 106
July 5th: Bizarre, D12 Rapper (30)
July 6th: 50 Cent(31)
July 7th: Mike Glita (Senses Fail) (24), & Brian Haner (Avenged Sevenfold) (25)
July 8th: Toby Keith (48), Kevin Bacon(45), & Sophia Bush (24)
July 9th: Tom Hanks (50) & Courtney Love (42)
* Excuse me if I have some ages wrong

Missy Elliott Online
Lohan Online
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