Melissa (tigtogiba34) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Kat McPhee Gets Lucky, or Lucky gets Kat McPhee?


Interview Highlights:
- she gets to wear heels in NY, something she didn't do in LA; but they make her 6 feet tall matching her husband Nick Cokas " In LA no one wears heels because they drive, but here in New York I get to wear heels. It's great!"
- she's working on Season 2 of Smash
- she's very into fashion but doesn't have time for it because of all the singing she does
- her look on Idol was on purpose, she wanted people to see her transform
- after Idolshe did Sexy Hair, 2 albums & "dozens of magazine covers"
- she did some acting in The House Bunny & Shark Night 3D (raise your hand if you've heard of the second one)
- as far as Smash goes she auditioned, got the part and it "fit her like a glove"
- at first she hated living in New York but then grew to love it
- name drops Kate Bosworth and Kate Moss stating Bosworth "is feminine but has an edge she always looks good even when caught on the street." And Moss- "she just nails it on a daily she does it under the pressure of knowing she'll be photographed pretty much every time she leaves her house."
- she knows what looks good on her and what doesn't
- she tries to remain as ordinary as possible - she has a bike!
- she doesn't go out and party all night, she has to protect her "instrument" aka her voice
- " I'm selfish right now, but that's how and where I should be. The thing is, work is the thing I love the most."




Source: February Lucky Magazine pp90-94 :o)
Tags: american idol (abc), magazine covers and articles

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