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Could J.K. Rowling be penning a ‘Doctor Who’ story?

Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible that J.K. Rowling might be connected to Doctor Who. The BBC has just announced a major project featuring a collaboration with children’s authors and the Doctor Who franchise.

As part of the 50th anniversary year of celebration, the BBC is planning on collaborating with “well-known children’s authors” to publish a series of eleven original Doctor Who stories called “eshorts.” Each eshort will feature one of the incarnations of the Doctor starting with the original William Hartnell version that debuted back in 1963. According to the BBC press release:

A paperback of the stories will be published by Puffin in November.

The first children’s author will be revealed on the BBC Worldwide Doctor Who Facebook page on Monday 7 January, followed by the first story on Wednesday 23 January.

A promotional video of each author will also be available each month on the BBC Worldwide YouTube channel starting on Friday 11 January.

Being his usual, cryptic self, showrunner Steven Moffat refused to give any hints as to whom would be on the list because it would ruin the surprise. Given that Doctor Who has very much kept to its roots as an unabashedly, iconic British show, it’s more than likely that each of these “well-known children’s authors” will have strong ties to the U.K. So the question is, who might appear on the list? Several names, Rowling’s among them, immediately leap to mind. Our prediction of likely candidates includes the following who are best known for their work in fantasy and sci-fi novels: Anthony Horowitz, Philip Pullman, Alan Garner, Geraldine McCaughrean, Michelle Paver, Susan Price, and Kate Thompson.

Commenting on the quality of the assembled authors, publisher Juliet Matthews stated, “We are delighted to have 11 sensational children’s authors involved in the series, all bringing an individual style, imagination and interpretation to their eshort tribute to The Doctor. This is a who’s who of children’s fiction coming together to celebrate the much-loved Doctor Who.”

Is there any British children’s author you think is likely to appear on the list?

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