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Emma Stone Covers 'Glamour UK' February 2013


With her new animated movie "The Croods" set to hit theaters March 22, Emma Stone pitched in on promotions by covering the February 2013 issue of Glamour UK magazine.

The 24-year-old actress looked absolutely adorable for the Matthias Vriens-McGarth shot front page while opening up about topics including her body and writing.

On her body:
"Everyone has parts of their body that they dislike, but I'm not going to lost any sleep over them."

On the paparazzi:
"It's weird in L.A.- they're hiding out everywhere. The hardest thing is that it makes me act like an a**hole because I now have this weird level of paranoia that I never had before. It feels like having a private investigator on you or something - you find yourself walking around holding your head up like you're looking in the mirror - and your friends are wondering what's wrong with you."

On writing:
"I'd really love to do that. Particularly because there just aren't enough roles for funny women out there. But I self-edit so badly that I'd have to get past the voice in my head first."

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