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David Lynch reportedly in talks to reboot ‘Twin Peaks’

2013 is already an exciting year for new TV seasons. We’ve got “Girls” Season 2 coming back in a couple weeks, and the new “Arrested Development” season dumping onto Netflix all on one glorious day this spring.

And today we learn that, according to highly unsubstantiated rumors (but don’t they always start that way?) David Lynch has been meeting with NBC to discuss a reboot for a new season of “Twin Peaks.”
Here’s what we know about a potential “Twin Peaks” season 3, from one anonymous internet poster who claims to have been in on the meeting:

*Lynch wants to be very hands-on on the project.
*Lynch wants most of the original cast back.
*Lynch was adamant that the new season start by creating the first red room scene from season 1.
*The new season would all take place in the present day.
*There are a few other semi spoiler alert tidbits you can read blow if you want.

David Lynch has always been a journeyman—the last years saw him do everything from cameo on “Louie” to launch a major initiative for transcendental meditation to starting his own coffee line. But “Twin Peaks” Season 3 would be Lynch at his best.

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