CNN Is Like ONTD: They Hate Things Without Valid Reasons

'The Hobbit' One of the Top 10 Worst Movies in 2012 According to CNN writer Tom Charity has posted his 'The 10 worst movies of 2012' and decided to controversially include 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' on the list. It should be noted, he specifically calls out the 48fps experience as being the 'worst' - not the actual film itself. Though he does take a dig at the length of the latest Middle-earth tome. The facts about 'The Hobbit' seem to paint a different picture: RottenTomatoes Critic index of 65%; RottenTomatoes audience rating of 81%; CinemaScore rating of 'A;' Ringer Review average of 4.5/5; Three week lead at the international box office; and breaking multiple December box office records. Looking at Mr. Charity's other films on the list, most have a rating of < 30% and only one breaks the 50% mark.

What Tom Charity Wrote:

Whatever you think of the film itself (and with at least one-third of the running time given over to padding, it's pretty indefensible), hands-down the worst experience at the movies this year was suffering the plastic high-definition 48 frames-per-second 3-D version of Peter Jackson's box-office smash. The technology made one of the most expensive movies ever made look like a PS3 game.

So what made Mr. Charity put 'The Hobbit' on his list? The easiest explanation is he really didn't like the 48fps experience as he states in the article.

His true intention is even more transparent. He simply wants more eyeballs and a bit of controversy. After all, he only continues to get paid if he remains interesting. (The quote from Zoolander comes to mind...'Dance Monkey, Dance!') So including a popular film on his 'worst of' list on a major outlet like is sure to do just that. It will definitely cause some discussion.

Would you put 'The Hobbit' on your own worst list of 2012? Is Mr. Charity totally off base? Tell us what you think!

I cannot deal with the stupidity of this writer. He basically hated The Hobbit because of the 48fps 3D version. What a FUCKING idiot. He just pulled the hate out of his ass cuz there was nothing else he could hate on. And there are 3 movies cuz PJ included EVERYTHING from the book and whatever else was mentioned of the Hobbit in the LOTR books.