MTV's 20 Things That Need to Happen in Music in 2013

Shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah presents for friends and family can be hard, but figuring out what we'd like to give to our readers was pretty easy this year. And since it's almost New Year's Eve too, we thought we'd combine a holiday wish list of things we know you want to see happen (like yesterday) with a set of resolutions for your favorite artists to try to commit to this year. Like new albums. We're looking at YOU, Jonas Brothers. And you, Paramore. And DEFINITELY you, Tokio Hotel. Just like with resolutions, some will happen, and a lot of them might not. But it's the trying that counts, right?

1.) A New Jonas Brothers Album: While there was that solo album from Joe Jonas, a Broadway role for Nick, a reality show for Kevin, a "reunion" performance in New York City, as well as assurances from the Jonas boys that there's music on the way, there still hasn't been a new album of Jonas Brothers material since 2009. And if you've ever seen fans lined up outside one of their appearances, (or been to one yourself), you know they're not a patient bunch.

2.) A New Tokio Hotel Album: Speaking of taking your time, the architecturally coiffed German rockers Tokio Hotel have been been out of the action for almost as long. It's not like excitement from fans is dying down either, based on our Musical March Madness tournament, and the O Music Awards, but there hasn't been any **official** word on new releases since their best-of and live albums in 2010. Are they afraid of causing some sort of international panic incident when millions of fans around the world faint with glee simultaneously when it finally comes out? That's probably it.

3.) A New Paramore Album: Finally, a bit of actionable intelligence we can work with here, because Paramore finally set a date for the release of their fourth album, Paramore, on April 9, 2015. (Kidding, kidding, the new Paramore album comes out April 9, 2013). Maybe they spent all that time trying to come up with a better title? BTW, the title of the first single is "Now," which is roughly when fans of the pop-punk cuties want to hear it. Fortunately, they'll only have to wait a couple weeks.

4.) A New 30 Seconds To Mars Album: More like 30 years to a new album, right? We know that 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto has been busy acting again lately, but would it kill him to get back to what made fans fall for him in the first place? Oh wait, that was acting. You know what we mean. In their defense, the band did play about 50 kajillion shows and set a world record touring around the world in the last couple years, so let's cut them a little slack. Plus, as Leto has said of the new album, set for a 2013 release, "I really think that this could be the best thing that we've ever done."

5.) A New A Day To Remember Album: Are you also saying their new album is some of the best material they've written? A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon said, "I know people say that with every album, but I know it is." They've been cryptically dropping teasers, so fans should hurry over to the website now and find out what they got you for Christmas. Maybe it's a puppy?

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I agree with 1, 10, and 12. However, I think we have a better chance of getting a new Jonas album and a Destiny's Child reunion before we ever see anything from Justin Timberlake, dammit!