MTV's 20 Things That Need to Happen in Music in 2013

Shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah presents for friends and family can be hard, but figuring out what we'd like to give to our readers was pretty easy this year. And since it's almost New Year's Eve too, we thought we'd combine a holiday wish list of things we know you want to see happen (like yesterday) with a set of resolutions for your favorite artists to try to commit to this year. Like new albums. We're looking at YOU, Jonas Brothers. And you, Paramore. And DEFINITELY you, Tokio Hotel. Just like with resolutions, some will happen, and a lot of them might not. But it's the trying that counts, right?
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I agree with 1, 10, and 12. However, I think we have a better chance of getting a new Jonas album and a Destiny's Child reunion before we ever see anything from Justin Timberlake, dammit!