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From Dateline NBC

People's Top Celeb Quotes of 2012 as voted by ONTD members!

Hello ONTD! During the past gossip year, we have debated on a weekly basis which 'celeb' had the 'best' quote. Here is a rundown of the TOP TEN QUOTES AS VOTED BY ONTD MEMBERS FOR 2012!

How were votes calculated?
Based on the poll each week, the top ten quotes were picked based on highest percentage of votes received, as voted by LJ members.

Tags have been removed for this post to keep an element of surprise.

Be sure to vote at the end for the Top Quote of 2012! (you do not need to be a member of ONTD to do this)


Top Weekly Quotes voted by ONTD Collapse )

Vote for the best quote of 2012! Any LJ member can voteCollapse )

HAPPY 2012 Gossip Year, ONTD! It's been fun! :-)  Feel free to click on the "Quotes of the Week" tag to take a trip down 2012 memory lane.  There were so many "omg that happened!" moments for me as I went through the posts to make this list.  Probably for you too!
Tags: list, ontd, quotes of the week, year in review

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